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+ Are you insured?

I certainly am! Myself and my equipment are both fully insured and I bring backups just in case anything should ever fail!

+ Can you hold our date?

Unfortunately not! I take bookings on a first come first served basis and because I do get booked up quickly I can’t hold wedding dates. Once a deposit has been put down your date is secure and we are good to go! Send me an email and lets get the ball rolling!

+ Do you work from a shot list?

When I first started photographing weddings I would have the bride and groom give me a list of shots they wanted – what I found was that this made it nearly impossible to capture the more natural, candid photos that I loved taking and that my couples loved seeing – rest assured that I will capture all of the important details, whilst documenting your wedding in my relaxed and naturalistic style.

+ Group shots?

I am always happy to take some family photos – I do however suggest that we keep groups to a maximum of ten – this leaves more time for me to capture moments as they unfold naturally and keeps everyone happy!

+ Do we have to ban our guests from using their cameras?

Absolutely not! I am more than happy for your guests to take their own photographs, so as long as no one is bashing me out of the way we are all good! Uncle Barry be warned – I’m only little but I can hold my own!

+ When will we receive our photos?

Your photos are all hand edited and will be delivered to you within 4-6 weeks of your wedding!

+ Do you shoot Indian/Humanist/Jewish/Gay/Cyborg weddings?

What I love the most about this job is that every wedding I photograph is different from the last and the next. Whatever your thing, if you’re a couple in love I would be honoured to photograph your wedding.

+ Where are you based/will you travel?

I am based in Staffordshire/the West Midlands but I am more than happy to travel anywhere in the UK (and beyond) for weddings!

+ We are getting married abroad – can you come?

I love, love, love destination weddings! You may think the price of having me there would be astronomical due to the distance but I will always try to do you a fantastic deal because I love travelling so much!

+ We want you to photograph our wedding – what should we do?

Yay! The first step is to email me! You can do this directly or send me a contact form on the contact page. We can have a chat about your wedding and go from there!

+ We are kind of awkward in front of the camera/we don’t like having our photo taken, help!

Believe me when I tell you that 95% of the couples I photograph tell me this and they are always so thrilled when they see the results because they look… totally relaxed, happy and natural. I keep my posing natural and my style laid back and fun - trust that I will never force you to pose uncomfortably or have you do anything you’re not up for! Many of the photos you see here on my website are taken when couples and guests aren’t even aware, allowing me to capture the spontaneous laughter, the secret smiles, the hugs and the kisses candidly, leaving you free to relax and enjoy your wedding.